Sunday, February 19, 2012

Knits Class

I took a Sewing with Knits class today at G Street Fabrics, taught by Connie Long. It was wonderful, she is a good teacher and so talented.  She's teaching Part 2 next Sunday, which I'm also taking although because of work, I'll miss the first couple of hours of the class.  That won't be too bad as we get to choose our own project.  I have a knit dress cut out that I never got around to sewing, so I'll be taking that one with me.  For today's class, I used the Perfect T-Shirt Pattern by Pamela's Patterns.  I recommend the pattern - it has 2 versions - darted and non-darted.  Those of us who are more endowed on top will benefit from the dart.  I have one more adjustment to make to the dart placement and then I will have a T-shirt that actually fits me!!!!!  The pattern comes with 3 different neck lines and different sleeve lengths - my first TNT pattern!

Happy sewing!!!