Sunday, January 8, 2012

-Bad Karen....

I'm a really bad blogger...Cannot believe my last post was in July... Being self-employed is taking up more time (and energy) than I had expected. Not that I'm complaining - I am loving life!!! I am now busy enough that I'm not taking on new clients!!

I am trying to get back into the swing of sewing and knitting again. I signed up for both of Connie Long's "Sewing with Knits" at G Street Fabrics, plus 2 knitting classes at Fibre Space. Doing accounting all day with no time for creative pursuits is turning me into one of those boring accountants that I have tried my entire career not to become.... So, hopefully there will be more posting of things I actually get made on this blog.

The one thing I did accomplish is the last 6 months is to start exercising again. I found a great fitness studio nearby and have made this a part of my routine. I feel much better. The women who run this studio are fantastic - they've modified the exercises for my knees so I don't do any more damage to them....

Happy 2012 to all!!

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